The Bev Hartig Huntington’s Disease Foundation (TBHHDF) strives to seek out cutting-edge research that would not be funded without the Foundation that Bev inspired. TBHHDF collaborates with The CHDI Foundation, a non-profit biomedical foundation whose aim is to rapidly discover and develop drugs that retard the progression of HD, and to identify up and coming researchers with promising studies.

Check back later for details on the research your $2,000,000 has funded so far, and the cutting edge studies to be funded with this year’s donations.

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What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s Disease is a degenerative brain disease that strikes in mid-life, usually between the ages of 30-40. People lose their ability to walk, talk, and even feed themselves. Even though people may live for 10-20 years with this disease, their quality of life is taken from them.

Who is Bev Hartig?

In 1998, about one year after getting married, Bev received a paralyzing phone call that her birth father had been diagnosed with HD. This meant every sibling had a 50% chance of inheriting this disease. She found out that she also carried the gene and would suffer the same tragic fate.