A Day in the Life of Bev! Her Story, Part 6!

Jul 3, 2014 | Blog

Interviewed June 23, 2014

Bev had been to tennis lessons that morning and Bob asked her to help pull weeds in the yard and in the heat. Together with Ryan, they got the job complete! The former Friday through Wednesday, Bev and Ryan were blessed to take a trip with some Chicago friends of theirs. The family had attempted to find someone to travel with them to help with Katie, but no one as able to assist, so Bob agreed to stay home and actually enjoyed some alone time creating memories with just her on Father’s Day!

Bev and Ryan’s trip included a stop at Dollywood theme park! She reports that Ryan is not really one for amusement rides, but that he had a fabulous time. At one point he was even chosen to go up on stage and be a part of a bubble demonstration at one of the shows they attended. They got to do the rides at the theme park, the water park, a zip line and a white water rafting adventure down the Smokey Mountain River!

The rafting trip was lead by a 21-year-old guide who confidently lead the packed boat down the river. This was Bev’s third time to raft and she loved every minute of it. They had a great time….and everyone stayed in the raft!

This summer Bev reports that the volunteer assistance has dropped off, but she is very thankful for what she receives. She has a Nanny that comes daily to help take care of Ryan and Katie. This gal is the daughter of one of Katie’s initial First Steps coordinators and actually has a lot of training in working with people with special needs. Bev and Bob are very grateful for her assistance!

So what else is planned for the rest of the summer? In July the Hartig family will make a trip to the Jersey Shore for a surprise birthday celebration for Bob’s Dad’s 80th birthday! Their friend Mickey will attend with them to help take care of Katie.

Additionally, Bob won a trip to Virgin Gorda and the couple plans to travel at the end of July and early August to enjoy some alone time. The kids will stay back with family and sitters and it will be a great way to complete the summer.

We hope your summer has been as active as Bev’s and it’s great to hear about all that she’s been up to, while enjoying some down moments away from the school-year agenda!

Stay tuned every couple of weeks as we update on Bev’s life as an Overcomer, living for the purpose of using her story to impact and change lives for the future! If you desire to contact her, you can reach out to her on Facebook HERE or by email at bevhartig@hotmail.com