A Day in the Life of Bev! Her Story, Part 4!

Apr 8, 2014 | Blog

Bev just returned from a five-day trip to Big Sky, Montana with the family and some close friends! Along with their friend and assistant, Micky, the five of them made it through the challenge of the airport adventures and the long flight across the country. When they arrived, they were greeted by snow and more snow and couldn’t wait to hit the slopes!

The group skied a total of four days and Bev was on the slopes for three of those days! She enjoyed seeing Ryan be a dare devil, speeding by and taking risks with his friends and got to see Micky take skiing lessons with Katie!

On the fourth day, they divided up into groups of girls and guys and she headed out to have a spa day, where she enjoyed a hot stone massage! The rest of the time they enjoyed the scenery, time in the hot tub and pool, and a few nights out on the town.

They returned home on Friday before school started back on Monday for the kids. Overall, Bev reports the trip was fabulous and everything went really well. She is noticing she needs more naps throughout the day, but her symptoms have not changed much since we last met.

I’m so motivated by Bev’s “No Excuses” mentality! She does not miss a beat and embraces every opportunity to create a memory, even when it involves a mountain and a lot of snow! Live in the moment!

Stay tuned every couple of weeks as we update on Bev’s life as an Overcomer, living for the purpose of using her story to impact and change lives for the future! If you desire to contact her, you can reach out to her on Facebook HERE or by email at bevhartig@hotmail.com