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Check back for details about our 2021 event.

Saturday, April 24th

The Bluffs at Conner Prairie

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6 thoughts on “Buy Tickets/RSVP

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    • Hi Julie! It’s Mindy! Yes, those are supposed to come out soon either today or tomorrow and will come to your email. This is our first year to use this program, so we may have glitches to hurdle. The auction will be open for bidding and previewing soon. Thanks for asking!

  3. I just recently found out about Bev’s story from Heather Ludlam.. I live here in Indy and our family has it own story relating to HD. My first husband died of HD and one of my children, Nathan has been diagnosed with .HD. He is 34 years old still working and helping his wife to raise 4 little ones. He is now struggling with falling and I keep praying that further symptoms will be prolonged This past August I visited Heather Ludlam in Michigan to learn more about the GM1 for HD research and am very interested in working to help raise the money to bring this treatment to clinical trials.. Please keep me informed about what is planned for the fund raiser..
    Thank You,
    Jan Miller

    • Hello Jan! This is Mindy Irish and I am an admin for the website. Thanks for posting your comment. Would you like to attend our event in April? If so, please email me your name and address to and we can get you an invitation for the event, welcoming anyone to attend who would like to help raise funds and awareness for research of the disease. I will pass your info on to the Hartig family. Again, thanks for sharing your story and for reaching out. -Mindy

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