The organization was formed in 2010 by Bev and Bob Hartig and their friends to raise money to fund a cure and improved treatments for Huntington’s Disease.  We have an annual fundraiser each year and select a research project specific to HD to fund annually. To date, we have raised over $500,000 for Huntington’s Disease.  The work of the organization is lovingly performed by Bev’s friends and friends of friends of Bev!


Our Mission-

The 501C3 public charity status was granted in 2014 and retroactive to 2013. Prior to that, funds were given to the Indiana State chapter of the National HD Foundation.  Bev and Bob are still active figure heads for the organization, but it is run by a board of directors.  We are all volunteers and every penny we raise is sent on to fund research.  We are also looking into donating some funds to help local Indiana individuals with HD that have some specific needs and to improve their quality of life.


Officers and Board Members-

President – Shelley Boles Lewis

Vice President – Cindi Berry

Treasurer – Nanette Johnson

Secretary – Cecilia Coble

Board Member – Cindy Gibson

Board Member – Kathy Murphy

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